Tongba (तोङवा)

Nepal is the origin place of “Tongba” and was started from the core Eastern part of Nepal. It is mostly loved during the winter season with hot water mixture it comes to its live performance with smoothness of its juicy blended with alcoholic taste. Tougba can also be served with cold water. It is considered as a very hygienic alcohol drink.

Tongba (तोङवा) is a millet-based alcoholic beverage found in the eastern mountainous region of Nepal. It is the traditional and indigenous drink of the Limbu people(Kirat) of eastern Nepal Tongba is culturally and religiously important to the Limbu people of eastern Nepal. Offering Tongba is respect to a guest in Limbu culture.


(Tongba with Pipa ready to be served with hot water)

People mostly in urban areas are being very much attracted to this unique style. In fact it has become a good excuses for youngsters people “During a heavy rainfall” Its a Tongba time and when it’s a cold day “Its a Tongba  day”

Tongba is must try drink for the people who never tried one. It has the mixture of very traditional and natural way of preparing this alcoholic beverage.

Tongba has variety of its different taste and alcohol level (Strong,Light,Bitter,Sweet)

Bamboo Pipa is a very important for a Tonga to be completed. Pipa is a fine bamboo straw with a blind end, but perforated on the side to act as a filtershould be inserted into the container to suck out the warm water and alcohol from the millet grains


(Tongba street in Dhankuta Nepal)

What is Tongba?

Tongba actually is traditional alcoholic beverage known as Jaand. It is prepared by cooking and fermenting whole grain millet. The cooked millet is cooled and mixed with marcha (which is a source of molds, bacteria and yeast). Then the mass is collected and placed in a woven bamboo basket lined with green leaves or plastic, covered with thick fold of cloth and allowed to remain in a warm place for 1–2 days depending upon the temperature. The sweet mass is then packed tightly into an earthenware pot or plastic jars and the opening is usually sealed off to prevent air from entering. After 7–15 days also depending upon the temperature, the fermentation is complete and the mass is converted to jaa.

Juju wears "Tongba time"

Juju wears “Tongba time” Tees available at

The time jaand is left to remain undisturbed in the pot after completion of fermentation leads to maturing of the jaand. During the maturing the flavours and taste intensifies yet become more mellowed. Traditionally it is stored for about six months.

Best way to serve Tongba

1). Firstly you need to have container traditionally called a Tongba,Jaandh,Pipa(Pipe),Hot water.

2).Now you need to pour little hot water (about 120ml) to your empty container(Tongba) and fill the container with Jaandh (the fermented millet)

3).Pour some hot water to your Tongba wait for about 5 minutes to let the ingredient work

4).Now the wait has been over pick up your Bamboo Pipa(Pipe,Straw) and enjoy your Tongba experience.

Source mostly from Wikipedia


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